Manage Corporate Anxiety & Stress- Workshop

Structured, Focused and Psycho-Educational Workshop on managing and preventing Anxiety & Stress in the workplace. This is a Group Company Workshop for up to 8 delegates.

Workshop Benefits:

Gain Control In Anxiety-Provoking Situations (Delivering Presentation)

Increase Performance (Sales, Meetings, Feedback)

Manage Unhealthy Levels Of Anxiety & Stress At Work

Understand How Corporate Anxiety Works

Reduce Stress & Anxiety-Related Absences

Form Stronger Working Relationships

Will your staff and management benefit from this workshop?

If you feel that:

  • The sales figures had gone down;

  • There were a number of lost sales opportunities; 

  • Members of your team are FEARING situations they have tolerated before;

  • They are using ‘Safety Behaviours’ to cope with their Anxiety & Stress, such as:

  • ESCAPING anxious situations (asking someone else to step in and carry out the task), or

  • AVOIDING them altogether;

  • There is an increase in absences around anxiety-provoking situations, such as delivering a presentation,

The workshop would be very beneficial to your organisation.

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‘Manage Corporate Anxiety & Stress’ Workshop is a 4-hour-long workshop, designed to be delivered to a group of up to 8 attendees. It is a hands-on, psycho-therapeutic, practical workshop.

Workshop incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Tools and Techniques (evidence-based therapy with observable, measurable results) and Life | Corporate & Executive Coaching.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Workplace

  • What causes Anxiety in Workplace?

  • Psycho-education on most common Corporate Mental Health Issues;

  • Discussing symptoms, causes and simple prevention of Anxiety, Stress & Depression;

  • Raise corporate awareness of Mental Health;

  • Introducing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Corporate Setting;

  • Learning to recognise unhelpful thoughts, images, feelings and consequent behaviours;

  • Introduction to Behavioural Experiments, putting your fears to test;

  • Working with CBT tools and methods to ‘become your own therapist’.

Corporate & Executive Coaching Tools

  • Communication Tools- Assertiveness;

  • Transnational Analysis, creating win-win business situations;

  • Business & Social Skills- build on your own resources;

  • How to handle Constructive and Destructive Feedback/ Criticism;

  • Becoming emotionally intelligent;

  • Questions & Answers.

‘Support Toolbox’- Complete Set Of Tools

  • Attendees will be given workshop materials to work with;

  • It’s a hands-on workshop, encouraging proactive attitude, working in pairs, role-play;

  • After the workshop, the key person will receive ‘Workshop Toolbox’ to distribute to attendees;

  • The ‘Toolbox’ includes all the techniques and methods covered, helping attendees refer to it as and when needed;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods, presented during workshop, can be used as a ‘New Company Default’;

  • These methods help attendees with self-confidence, anxiety, stress, sales skills and much more.

Workshop Fee (Up To 8 Delegates)


Payment: Bank Transfer/ Company Invoice (payable 2 weeks in advance) / PayPal (a surcharge of £20 applies if PayPal method is used)

Includes All Workshop Materials & Workshop Toolbox For Each Attendee

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