Fact: Your job is to manage your team well. Don’t just focus on tasks- focus on PEOPLE.

Find out how to be an Effective Manager/ Leader. Join me at my comprehensive, information-packed ‘Effective Team Management Workshop’. 

With Corporate & Executive Coach Ivana Franekova; a coach to CEO’s, business owners & entrepreneurs

Why should you attend ‘Effective Team Management’ Workshop?

For a simple reason: Your employees are not happy  if you do not manage them well. You as a Manager need to ensure your team is thriving and receiving a right balance of challenges and support. YOU are responsible for their progress; their success and happiness at work brings your company financial rewards.

How do I know this? Because your team members call me and tell me how unmotivated, unchallenged and unsupported they feel. Your employees have no idea what they’re doing at work or where they’re going. They have no motivation to work and 99% of the time they are already exploring other work opportunities with a more ‘switched-on’, supportive manager/ CEO. I know it’s hard to hear but it’s IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY THEY PERFORM WELL.

  • Take responsibility for your team management and performance today;

  • Learn how to do this effectively, with long-lasting results, both financial and emotional (satisfied team members).


  • Unhappy team means lost revenue;

  • Under-challenged team means missed sales/ growth opportunities;

  • Unsupported employees mean low self-confidence, resulting in low performance;

  • Unexplored employee’s values mean low dedication to the company’s progress;

  • Can you REALLY AFFORD those missed revenues & opportunities?

Key strategies you will learn:

  • How your company values match those of your employees;

  • How to manage team performance and work on the key areas of improvements;

  • How to successfully set career goals for each individual and maintain the motivation, especially with long-term goals;

  • How to ‘coach’ your team members so that they don’t feel criticised, but motivated and supported;

  • How to give and receive feedback in an ‘assertive’ manner;

  • How to employ successful strategies and plan action steps to complete them;

  • And much more!

Workshop Delivery & Details:

Length: 3 Hours

Location: Your Own Location

Or My Private Practice At: Liverpool Street, Longroft House, 2-8 Victoria Avenue, London EC2M 4NS

Cost: £450

*Please note this is a  HANDS-ON WORKSHOP where you will actually be working, writing and getting properly involved.  All materials included in the cost. Group bookings available.

*Start with Complimentary Consultation to ensure the workshop is suitable to your needs: book at enquiry@corporate-coaching.org or fill out this form: